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When, at the beginning of July, BESEDA, the Canadian Czech and Slovak Culture Centre, started to advertise the upcoming presentation of the Slovak Folklore Ensemble LUCNICA through the Internet and the announcements in the Montreal Slovak Bulletins, nobody expected that too many local Slovaks wouldn't be able to get tickets. (I even know of one former dancer of Lucnica, who could not obtain tickets because he called for them too late). However, over 400 people who ordered their tickets on time filled the auditorium of the D. B. Clarke Theatre at Montreal 's Concordia University on July 14th at 8:00 PM. The audience was enthralled for almost two hours by the spectacular performance produced from the beauty of the treasures of Slovak folklore.

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Under the leadership of the legendary Professor STEFAN NOSAL, (who is a legend even in Montreal), 12 pairs of dancers, accompanied by 8 members of the Slovak Folk Orchestra, executed, with brilliant precision, the traditional Lúčnica repertoire, compelling the audience to thunderous applauses after each piece. The longest applause followed the solo performance by MARTIN BUDINSKY on the dulcimer in SHARISH IMPRESSIONS. The audience was gratified with five additional encores after the final piece.

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Lucnica performed here also eleven years ago and except for Professor Nosal and a couple of musicians, the entire ensemble consisted of new dancers who performed its traditional repertoire in the same professional manner as we saw previously. The newer dances were full of new dynamics and new choreographic variations, requiring from the dancers demanding gymnastics and ability of perfect rhythmic coordination.

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The standing ovations were much deserved. LUCNICA, let's hope we will see you soon!

E & V Mirga

text: E.&V.Mirga, photos: Klaudia Holosová

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Titulná Stránka Redakcia Diskusné Fórum Nové Linky Napíšte Nám